Break the ice with Polar Explorer

Icebreaking adventures in Heart of Lapland

Thinking about travel disconnected?

Heart of Lapland is the ideal place to unplug. A place to slow down, let the stress fade away and embrace the Arctic way of living.

Small-scale accommodations

Choose between accommodations with a personal touch – such as guest houses, cottages, hotels and B&Bs.

Dive into our local cuisine

Foodies from all over the world gather here to experience the culinary traditions of the area.

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We love to share our arctic lifestyle

Experience the arctic lifestyle by embracing the local culture, staying in
small-scale accommodations and spending time outside taking part in wonderful activities.
Here's what we recommend you to discover in Heart of Lapland.

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Food and drink


Icebreaking adventures with Polar Explorer

Polar Explorer takes you on an icebreaking journey through the Bothnian bay's magnificent beauty. Unforgettable experiences await you, how about floating among the ice in a survival suit?

Icebreaking adventures

Get a taste of our Arctic lifestyle

Pure and honest flavors from the nature around the corner. Game from the forest, whitefish from the Kukkola River and the desirable Kalix Bleak Roe. Our culinary traditions are proof that we live of what nature is providing.

We welcome you to taste our Arctic lifestyle!

Culinary experiences

Experiences off the beaten track

We show you the way across the road less landscape – by dog sled, snow mobile or a peaceful walk wearing snow shoes. Here, underneath the Arctic sky surrounded by the beauty of the wilderness, there is plenty of room. Room for the little sensations of life as well as big adventures.

Experience the Arctic lifestyle

Aurora Borealis

The encounter with the Northern Lights almost resembles an infatuation; it makes a sudden appearance and the experience is often described as fantastic and intense. The difference is that the Northern Lights always make their way to another place in the end. Make sure to capture the precious moment.

10 magical Northern Lights experiences