Prepare for icy adventures

In Heart of Lapland, you can engage in tailored winter experiences, with dog sledding being one of the classics. Brace the cold and head out on a dog sled adventure through a snow-clad landscape in the twilight on a winter day.

Foto: Michael Törnkvist

Relax in beautiful surroundings

Heart of Lapland is an adventurous place, but also a place to just be. Feel the warmth of a fire under a starry sky, surrounded by trees bending under the weight of the snow. Listen… complete silence.

Foto: Johan Stenevad

An icebreaking experience


Try a more unconventional winter activity and cruise the frozen sea on the Icebreaker Polar Explorer. Combine your tour with snowmobiling or dog sledding on the thick ice. We dare you to swim in the pool of water behind the boat!

A natural show

Cross off your bucketlist item Aurora Borealis, the northern lights. They are frequently dancing across the sky in Heart of Lapland and continue to amaze every single time. Step outside, a little ways from light pollution and gaze towards the sky. The first time is spiritual — we promise.

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Experience the arctic lifestyle by embracing the local culture, staying in
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